GNS launches navigational data insight tool

GNS has launched its new Voyager FLEET INSIGHT system after four years of data collection and analysis, aiming to demonstrate to shipowners where they are wasting money on un-used navigation data by displaying what they are buying, how much they should be paying and where the gaps exist.

The service gives shipping companies transparency in terms of the ENCs, paper charts and nautical publications their vessels need, how much they should be paying for them and how much money they may be wasting by buying products they don’t need.

The software can also be used for vessel tracking, to monitor sailing times to estimate more accurate operating costs, to build Port State Control data into KPI monitoring, or to track progress against charter party terms by overlaying the approved route on the vessel track.

“This is data that owners and managers say they want at their fingertips but its volume and complexity make it difficult to draw together in a single application to provide effective fleet management tools,” says GNS CEO, Paul Stanley.

“At GNS, we have been using this data in customer workshops for the last two years to take buyers through the detail of what they are spending and where they can save money – the results are startling.”

“The levels of un-needed expenditure on navigation data we see is very significant and the gaps that our data identifies provide a real opportunity to improve index compliance. Too often shipping companies lack real-time access to all the navigation, position and voyage data they need in an easy to use format.”

The service maintains updates lists of the technical library publications required by each vessel’s Flag State, SIRE vetting and other key stakeholders, to allow marine and HSQE managers to take action to close any gaps in vessel inventories. It also provides global Port State Control inspection histories for all vessels to measure actual compliance against KPI performance.

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