Abu Dhabi Ports and MSC collaborate on blockchain project

Abu Dhabi Ports subsidiary Maqta Gateway has announced that it is to carry out a first test of its Silsal blockchain system with a maritime operator, working in partnership with MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Company).

Silsal was developed to provide a link between stakeholders across the supply chain using a blockchain-based electronic ledger system.

As a major carrier, MSC has been asked to provide feedback on the pilot project, which will test the capabilities of the technology and its effectiveness when used to exchange, identify, and acknowledge cargo documents and certificates between Abu Dhabi and other ports.

“The vision of the UAE leadership is for our nation to become a world leader in adopting blockchain, as per UAE Blockchain Strategy 2021, transforming digital transactions and saving time, effort and resources on a huge scale,” says Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, CEO of Abu Dhabi Ports.

“Abu Dhabi Ports is proud of the role that Maqta Gateway and initiatives such as Silsal are playing in helping to realize this vision and we will continue to harness the power of innovative solutions and emerging technologies to further facilitate trade in the future.”

The partntership with MSC is the first time the Silsal system will be tested with a major container carrier. MSC operates a network of more than 480 offices in 155 countries, with more than 70,000 employees managing a fleet of 510 container vessels across 200 routes, calling at 500 ports.

“This innovative pilot project should help pave the way for improved documentation flows and streamline supply chains for companies. We welcome new partnerships which reduce delays, improve inventory management, and identify issues faster, resulting in significant cost savings for all parties involved,” says Andre Simha, Chief Information Officer at MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company.

First announced in June 2018, Silsal has been rolled out in phases and will be offered first to freight forwarders and their customers, and subsequently extended to the rest of the supply chain as a complementary tool to the Maqta Port Community System. The system was developed internally within the Digital Innovation Lab at Abu Dhabi Ports.

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