Korean government unveils smart maritime strategy

Busan has been highlighted as a primary target for Korea's smart maritime logistics strategy

The South Korean government has announced its intention to create a new smart maritime logistics ecosystem, in line with its overall strategy of enhancing various industry sectors to take advantage of the digital trends of ‘Industry 4.0’.

The plans were announced at a Science and Technology Relations Ministerial Conference on January 8th, and are built around the three pillars of creating a smart maritime logistics infrastructure, supporting related industries and creating jobs in the sector.

In line with this strategy, Korea’s Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries says that it aims to establish a basic ‘smart’ infrastructure by 2025, evolving into a fully integrated smart maritime logistics ecosystem by 2030.

By 2025 the Ministry aims to have reduced the cargo handling time required for a 24,000 TEU super large container vessel from the current 40 hours to just 24 hours, which it says could generate an additional KRW120 billion (approximately $105 million) annually for the country by exploiting greater efficiencies in managing trade.

Some of the planned initiatives include work to streamline links between logistics facilities and the creation of a centralised logistics information ecosystem to facilitate information sharing among stakeholders. Research and development on smart container technologies and automatic loading and unloading systems for autonomous vehicles is also planned.

Specifically, the government says it wants to support development of port automation facilities at Gwangyang Port, and implement port intelligence systems and efficient integration between Busan Port and Incheon Port. Ulsan Port will provide a testbed for development of the ‘smart’ logistics information ecosystem.

The Ministry says that it will provide support for an estimated 300 start-up companies in the smart maritime and logistics sector as part of this smart development process. 

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