KOTC in ChartCo navigational data deal

Kuwait Oil Tanker Company (KOTC) has agreed a new deal to outfit its entire fleet of 33 vessels with ChartCo’s back-of-bridge management software and navigational, regulatory and compliance data services, the companies report.

As part of the new contract, KOTC will be upgrading its existing navigation and compliance management system to ChartCo’s integrated platform, OneOcean, which is used to manage environmental, regulatory, safety and quality compliance in addition to its navigational functionality, all within a cyber resilient framework.

“KOTC is known for being an early adopter of ideas and developments in the industry and we like to work with expert and innovator companies,” said Capt. Bader Nasrallah, Superintendent of KOTC’s Fleet Marine Operation Division.

“In this key area, we find ChartCo’s offering to be not only the most comprehensive, their capability is also well-matched to our needs. We are also impressed with their commitment to making the installation and adoption process a positive one.”

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