New cyber programme for Port of Amsterdam

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The Port of Amsterdam has launched a new cyber security programme to increase the port community’s digital resilience and make its information systems a less appealing target for cyber crime.

The programme has been initiated to encourage the proactive involvement of companies in the port area to make joint efforts toward improving cyber resilience, asking every company to make sure it has implemented basic cybersecurity controls such as an awareness programme, segregation of networks, timely installations of security updates and a multi-layered security approach.

The new programme comprises two main elements – establishment of a cyber hotline and the creation of the CYREN network (Cyber ​​Resilient North Sea Canal Area).

The CYREN network will collect information about cyber threats and share this with its affiliated companies, while the hotline will also provide those companies with information about potential cyber-attacks in the North Sea Canal Area.

Companies can contact the hotline themselves, staffed by the Harbour Master’s Division, when a situation occurs that could impact the port region, the Port says.

Marleen van de Kerkhof, Harbour Master of Port of Amsterdam

“Data flows and chains are increasingly being linked together and made available to a broad public on the Internet. This offers both opportunities and substantial challenges for information security,” said Marleen van de Kerkhof, Harbour Master of Port of Amsterdam and initiator of the cyber security programme.

“An attack on a customer’s or supplier’s information system not only impacts the company, but can often also affect all other companies in its surroundings and disrupt shipping operations – cyber incidents are not limited by physical boundaries.”

“Rapidly sharing the latest information about threats, incidents and perspectives for action increases the cyber resilience of the entire port region.”

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