Fuel data reporting added by Marine Software

UK-based Marine Software Ltd has upgraded its MPMWin – Marine Planned Maintenance software product to provide new options for shipping companies to collect fuel oil consumption data in compliance with IMO reporting regulations.

IMO’s mandatory fuel oil Data Collection System (DCS), as described by Regulation 22A of MARPOL Annex VI, requires that all ships engaged in international shipping over 5,000 GRT must submit annual reports of fuel oil consumption in a standardised way, based on a chosen methodology described and included in the vessel’s Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP Part II).

In response to this, Marine Software has added new functionality to its planned maintenance system to facilitate the recording of the required fuel oil consumption data on a daily basis, to assist in compliance with the regulation.

Bunker receipt notes and any discharges can be recorded together with daily tank soundings and flow meter readings, depending on the equipment fitted to the vessel and the calculation method selected to produce the report. Hours underway and the distance run can also be recorded.

A report can be created to cover the period between any two selected dates to check the validity of the data as the reporting year progresses, with the software conducting error checking for missing data to help establish validity.

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