Castor Marine upgrades Ku-band network

Netherlands-based satcom services provide Castor Marine reports that has upgraded its maritime Ku-band network to VT iDirect’s latest Evolution 4.1.2 software, to enable support for DVB-S2 and DVB-S2X connectivity on a global scale and improve VSAT throughput for customer vessels.

Castor Marine plans to upgrade all of its vessels with iDirect iQ 200 remotes as part of this programme, which, alongside the corresponding Evolution software upgrade, will bring higher throughput capabilities to the ships.

The company says that it will transition all 19 of its networks to DVB-S2X to take advantage of high throughput satellite capacity available via new-generation satellites, and to significantly increase the overall efficiency of the networks themselves.

“We pride ourselves on offering customers state-of-the-art technology, which is why we chose to upgrade to iDirect iQ 200 and Evolution 4.1.2,” said Edwin Cras, Managing Director, Castor Marine.

“The iDirect iQ Series of remotes and corresponding innovative software offer superior performance for the price point, and we look forward to working with VT iDirect in the future.”

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