Carnival Corporation extends NAPA agreement

Cruise company Carnival Corporation has extended its service and product agreement with maritime software firm NAPA, covering the Carnival fleet’s onboard NAPA Loading Computers, training certification for Carnival’s CSMART training facility, as well adding a framework agreement for future deployments of NAPA systems.

Carnival Corporation operates a combined fleet of more than 100 vessels across nine cruise line brands, with every ship fitted with NAPA technologies. The company was already an early adopter of systems such as NAPA’s electronic logbooks, voyage reporting, and flooding decision support systems over the course of a 15-year working partnership.

One of the most critical systems supplied has been a NAPA Emergency Computer, which offers onboard decision support for flooding incidents beyond the basic requirements of regulations.

Emergency Computer systems have been installed on all Carnival newbuilds since 2016, and installations to selected existing ships started last year with Princess Cruises’ Royal Princess and Regal Princess. An agreement has also been signed to retrofit Carnival Splendor and Carnival Breeze with the technology.

“Stability management is a core component of passenger vessel operations. Solutions such as the NAPA Loading Computer are approved by all major class societies and, together with NAPA Emergency Computer, they provide unrivalled decision support capabilities to ensure safe operations,” said Mikko Forss, Americas Sales Director for NAPA.

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