Wallem makes BASS its enterprise software provider

Wallem Group has announced that it has chosen to implement BASSnet Fleet Management Systems to serve as its standardised enterprise software infrastructure, as part of CEO Frank Coles’ drive to create an integrated digital organisation at the shipmanagement company.

Wallem will use BASSnet to control maintenance, safety, operational and financial management processes, among others, on a fleet-wide basis.

“Having run several maritime software companies and considering the complexities of operations, compliance and the regulatory environment, I was keen to not reinvent the wheel,” said Mr Coles.

“We have chosen to install a Cloud-based COTS (commercial off the shelf) solution, without customisation. Exactly how digitalisation is supposed to be done. We are going to defy the myth that ship operations and management needs to be different, or somehow special. It does not need all the disparate or heavily customised homegrown systems. This is the stuff of myths created by a lack of understanding and/or old fashioned operational beliefs and techniques.”

“In my view, offering transparency, analytics and business intelligence is the way forward for high-performance fleet management, and implementing a complete enterprise solution from BASSnet will allow us to integrate the power of big data with our business processes. We are going to walk the talk.”

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