NAPA and ChartWorld to provide AI-based voyage optimisation

(l-r) ChartWorld’s Oliver Schwarz and NAPA’s Risto Kariranta mark the new partnership

NAPA and ChartWorld have announced a new partnership to work together in the provision of voyage planning and optimisation systems for the maritime sector driven by artificial intelligence technologies. 

The AI-powered system developed by NAPA and ChartWorld includes modules for evaluating the operational efficiency of past voyages, with that data then used to optimise the efficiency of future voyages where there are similar variables present.

Past voyages are automatically evaluated via datasets collected from ChartWorld’s route network to find improved routes the vessel could have taken. These voyages are also automatically analysed by NAPA’s algorithms for operational efficiency, taking into account wave conditions, weather, and other relevant factors.

The partnership deal also includes a re-seller agreement which will allow a range of NAPA services to be provided as an part of ChartWorld’s MyRouteAppraisal (MyRA) platform. Charterers will, for example, be able to use the new tools to evaluate the cost of voyages for different destinations with different schedules, and to share these plans in real-time with ship operators and onboard crew.

“In today’s era of constant regulatory change and cost volatility, vessel efficiency and safety are more important than ever,” said Oliver Schwarz, ChartWorld’s Business Development Director.

“Through the integration of ChartWorld’s industry-leading voyage planning with NAPA Fleet Intelligence, shipping’s most powerful software for optimised vessel operation, we have created a solution that reliably gives owners and operators the information they need to make the most cost effective and time efficient choices for their fleets.” 

“With the adoption of ECDIS, voyage planning has become increasingly complex. Best-practice risk management requires ‘four eyes’ on voyage planning, with the master verifying the second mate’s plans. Onshore personnel can use the MyRouteAppraisal (MyRA) solution to pre-check onboard navigation planning for additional certainty, as well as comparing different route alternatives for the same voyage.”

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