Digital situational awareness support for Eckerö Line cruise ferry

Finnish ferry operator Eckerö Line is to install the ABB Ability Marine Pilot Vision system on board its cruise ferry MS Finlandia, to improve manoeuvring and docking activities by providing multiple real-time visualisations of the vessel’s surroundings to crews during operations.

The technology creates a virtual model of the ship, which is superimposed on the vessel’s actual surroundings using information from various sensors.

ABB says that the system makes it easier for watchkeepers to predict vessel motions with respect to their actual surroundings by providing them with additional operational data, and gives the user visibility of previously hidden obstacles.

“Our goal is to improve environmental performance and safety, and we worked with ABB to achieve greater efficiency in docking and high traffic situations,” said Daniel Olsén, Technical Manager, Eckerö Group.

“Our customers demand high levels of safety in all conditions and this solution enables our crew to provide a reliable service that doesn’t comprise their expectations.”

The cruise ferry makes return voyages three times daily between Helsinki in Finland and Tallinn in Estonia.

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