Tidetech metocean data added to Veracity

Metocean data company Tidetech Commercial Marine has joined DNV GL’s Veracity web services portal, a move which will see Tidetech’s data made available to Veracity users, as raw data or via an API, for use in fleet optimisation operations.

Tidetech provides daily high resolution forecast modelling of coastal tides and currents for integration into navigation and passage planning processes, to assist in optimising those plans to reduce fuel consumption and voyage time.

The numerical models used to forecast tidal elevations, currents, storm and tide surges were created by former UK Government researchers who were also responsible the world’s first operational tide-surge model.

“Tidetech produces models of tides and currents and supplies (the) best scientific quality meteorological and oceanographic data for the commercial shipping industry, delivered via enterprise grade systems and APIs,” said Tidetech Managing Director Penny Haire.

“Our customers say that Tidetech provides a service where all their meteorological and oceanographic data needs can be met, in terms of product range, quality and reliability.”

“Weather can have a big effect on vessel performance but often the total benefit that can be derived from this data is not always understood, thanks to the misconception that weather services only have a benefit when sailing in blue water. From simulations run for shipowners on their routes, we have proven definitively that in the North Atlantic there are more potential cost savings from optimising against currents in UK coastal and Northern European waters than there are across the whole Atlantic.”

The Tidetech catalogue includes forecast and historical data for wind, waves and currents, across multiple parameters. Data services include APIs that provide end points for gridded data (NetCDF and GRIBs) and point data (individual locations), while a WMTS (Web Map Tile Service) that delivers images for data visualisation purposes is also available.

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