Digital Paint Report added to Kognifai platform

Dubai-based SteelCorr is to make its Digital Paint Report application available via the Kognifai maritime data platform, following a new agreement with Kongsberg.

SteelCorr’s system is used to enable centralised management of all paint maintenance data for an asset, from the maintenance plan through to coating application and performance surveys, and can be implemented to support quality assurance and performance monitoring programmes.

The system aims to provide a collaborative platform to promote communication among stakeholders involved with vessel coatings, and offer actionable insights to optimise paint performance and reduce maintenance costs.

Through this new deal with Kongsberg, the Digital Paint Report application will now be added to the Kognifai Marketplace, making it available to users subscribed to Kongsberg’s new Vessel Insight subscription-based Cloud data infrastructure.

“Maintenance is one of the most significant cost factors for maritime industries. The ability to plan, report and monitor according to constantly changing external factors is crucial for increasing efficiency, safety and accuracy of operations at sea,” said Vigleik Takle, Senior Vice President of Digital Solutions at Kongsberg Digital.

“By joining the Kognifai Partner Programme, SteelCorr can offer their solution to customers on Vessel Insight and get access to a growing set of Kognifai services which will enable them to develop new functionality over time. This will lead to more and better applications for customers.”

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