AIS partnership to boost vessel tracking

exactEarth data will be added to MarineTraffic services

Satellite-AIS data provider exactEarth has entered into a three-year channel partner agreement with maritime intelligence firm MarineTraffic, a deal which will see exactEarth’s exactView RT data added to MarineTraffic’s online maritime vessel information services.

exactView RT consists of data collected by 58 operational satellite payloads and seven orbital spares that are hosted onboard the Iridium NEXT constellation of satellites. The network covers the entire maritime VHF radio band and can deliver AIS and other vessel-based VHF data from vessels anywhere on the globe.

MarineTraffic itself operates 2,000 AIS stations in more than 165 countries for AIS coastal tracking, used by customers for fleet management, alert and notification systems, vessel particulars, port statistics and other functionality enabled through APIs.

“The addition of exactEarth’s high resolution, real-time AIS data means that MarineTraffic is now the go-to source for any professional seeking the most comprehensive view of shipping movements,” said Argyris Stasinakis, Partner Business Development, MarineTraffic.

“Users of our platform exploiting our ocean coverage services will see enhanced functionality thanks to the higher frequency, coverage and less than one-minute latency delivered by the exactView RT satellite constellation. This means that our popular predictive services will be more accurate than ever before, allowing our customers to monitor and plan more precisely.”

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