Collaborative berthing application implemented at Rio Haina terminal

Haina International Terminals (HIT) has implemented XVELA’s collaborative berth tool application at Rio Haina, a multipurpose port terminal in the Dominican Republic, to facilitate real-time collaboration between the terminal, carriers and local agencies.

The software has been introduced to reduce idle time and improve the use of berth space and associated resources, increasing supply chain predictability by giving carriers, terminals, agents and port authorities visibility into each other’s status, enabling all players to optimise their operations relative to changing circumstances.

“With XVELA we will be able to allocate the resources to operate all the vessels in an efficient environment to boost both productivity and revenue,” said Armando Rivas, VP of Operations at HIT.

“XVELA’s collaborative berth tool application will help us deliver forward in time to local agents and line carriers whether we can receive vessels at a specific date and time and give them options as to when will be better for them to arrive to avoid delays and costs. We will be able to better allocate and plan for resources at the terminal to maximise our assets and investments.”

The application provides real-time visibility and estimated time of arrival (ETA) values aligned with validated berth prospects. It also provides data to assist ocean carriers in planning their navigation routes and the speed required by their vessels, to optimise fuel consumption.

Connectivity with the terminal operating system (TOS) also makes it possible to know any variations in the estimated times of completion for operations, to support collaborative decision-making in the event of overlaps with future operations or required adjustments to meet specific deadlines.

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