GNS launches VoIP vessel calling

GNS has teamed up with Edge AI software platform provider FrontM to launch its new Voyager Voice service, using Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology for phone calls between ship and shore.

Voyager Voice has been developed specifically for shipping companies to enable shore-based personnel to connect and collaborate with vessel-based teams, with shore to ship calls costing a flat-rate of $3.60 per minute.

Office-based users can call vessels from their desk using the Voyager web site, and a free smartphone application has also been developed to access the service.

“Over the last few years, GNS has been steadily driving down our customers’ costs by challenging traditional business models with services like our Voyager Navigation as a Service (VNaaS) offer and Voyager Money,” said Paul Stanley, GNS CEO.

“We are delighted to be working with FrontM to now be able to extend those savings to include shore to ship communications. Our new Voyager Voice service opens up significant opportunities to manage shore to ship communications more cost-efficiently.”

Multiple user logins can be created for each company account, and call volumes, duration and costs can be monitored by user, team and department to assist in managing vessel calling.