CMA CGM ramps up eBusiness capabilities

CMA CGM's digital Bill of Lading

CMA CGM has announced a series of improvements to its eBusiness platform, including facilities for online document signing and fully electronic paperless Bills of Lading.

Users of the company’s Shipment Dashboard portal will now be able to fill and sign online documents for specific shipments directly within the web application.

Usage and process information is displayed under the types of documents available to make sure the correct option is chosen, which can then be selected, filled in and signed in the browser.

The paperless Bill of Lading (BL) feature that has also been introduced is designed to replicate the functions of the traditional paper BL, including the same level of insurance coverage, while delivering the benefits and speed of a digital transfer.

The electronic BL can be transferred without requiring any physical copy, and does not have to be printed to be legally compliant, CMA CGM says. The BL can be sent with a single click from the eBusiness platform, and surrendered instantly where required to speed up cargo release at import.

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