Wallem introduces collaborative messaging for team integration

Wallem Group is to roll out the SEDNA collaborative platform to improve data sharing and integration among the company’s agency teams, to improve its ability to quickly respond to customer communications.

The SEDNA system will move the company away from standard e-mail software and on to operating with team inboxes, allowing staff to work together on incoming messages with the goal of increasing their responsiveness to customer queries.

Instead of forwarding or copying team members on messages, creating a subsequent chain of responses and internal discussion, the new software will allow users to work from a single original copy of the message, Wallem says.

Every attachment, tag, and comment is held in one place, a process which the company believes is better aligned with the complex transactions common in ship agency where large teams are required to work on the same project over a prolonged period.

SEDNA will also be integrated with the a3 Ship Agency system used by Wallem, enabling information and incoming messages to be automatically categorised so that the entire timeline of a job is linked together in one place.

“Wallem’s agency business needs unified, streamlined communication throughout the lifecycle of any transaction, from discovery and pre-fixture to operations and post-voyage activities,” said Wallem CEO Frank Coles.

“Being able to retrieve information quickly and delivering consistent, responsive communication to everyone in a transaction is key to enhancing the quality of service we offer our customers.”

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