Chinese maritime institute to expand simulator capabilities

Jiangsu Maritime Institute (JMI) in China has signed a contract for the delivery of Kongsberg K-Sim simulator systems to its Navigation Simulation Training Centre and Maritime Engineering Simulation Training Centre, with installation scheduled for December 2019.

The delivery will include one full-mission K-Sim Offshore simulator, with a Dynamic Positioning (DP)-enabled aft bridge and an additional forward bridge. This will be complemented by a full-mission K-Sim Engine room simulator, and a desktop engine room simulator that can accommodate 40 student stations.

The new system will add to the existing Kongsberg hardware at the Institute, which consists of a recently upgraded and expanded full-mission bridge simulator with 14 bridges, and one desktop bridge simulator capable of handling 20 student stations.

“We have enjoyed a rewardingly cooperative relationship with Kongsberg since 2006, during which time its simulators have accrued an impeccable reputation both within and beyond the Institute as unparalleled training and assessment aids,” said Miao Keyin, Vice President, JMI.

“As we coach new generations and senior seafarers alike in the operational processes and techniques required to successfully hold down roles in sectors ranging from shipbuilding, ocean transportation and inland navigation to offshore engineering, it’s reassuring to know that Kongsberg will be assisting us every step of the way.”

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