Orolia and Telko partner on cyber-resilient ECDIS

Orolia and Telko have announced plans to partner on the development of a new ECDIS system specifically designed to detect and mitigate cyber-attacks on vessel navigation equipment.

The new system will see Telkos’ TECDIS technology supplemented with Orolia’s SecureSync Maritime Navigation Protection System (M-SecureSync), with the goal of protecting the integrity of vessel navigation by verifying the source and validity of position and timing data, as well as mitigating false data.

Orolia’s M-SecureSync employs various technologies to detect and resist GNSS jamming and spoofing attacks, alerting the bridge to potential discrepancies in the navigation signals. These capabilities will be integrated into Telko’s TECDIS (Telko Electronic Chart Display and Information System) following the companies’ agreement.

This move will supplement existing GNSS reliability information by warning the user of compromised data, providing the current GNSS jamming and spoofing detection state and displaying messages such as ‘No interference’, ‘Jamming detected’, ‘Spoofing detected’ or ‘Jamming and Spoofing’.

“Cyber-attacks can come in many guises and as the threats become increasingly sophisticated, poor cyber security could compromise commercial vessels’ safety through interference with navigation accuracy,” said Chris Loizou, Vice President Maritime Business Line, Orolia.

“We are dedicated to product innovation and developing state-of-the-art technologies, and through this collaboration with Telko we will continue to keep people safe while navigating the world’s waterways with the world’s first ECDIS with navigation cyber security functionality.”

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