GNS adds KPI tracking tools for navigation data management

e-Navigation software provider GNS reports that it has added two new modules to its Voyager FLEET INSIGHT (VFI) Navigation Management service, designed to support KPI (key performance indicator) reporting for performance management.

Subscribers to the service will be able to use the new KPI tools to monitor navigation spend, ENC usage and asset utilisation, with information delivered via user-defined reports.

The new KPI module provides a graphical view of a range of indicators relating to digital spend, usage of digital charts, publications purchased and sailing statistics (distances travelled and percentage of time spent sailing).

The new Reports module allows specific lists of data related to a fleet to be viewed and exported. It includes a library of pre-defined reports reflecting popular reporting requirements, but users can create and manage their own reports to meet specific company and department requirements and add them to a personal library.

“We’re excited to be introducing these two new management and reporting tools to provide an increasingly rich user experience for VFI users,” said Hayley van Leeuwen, GNS’s Director of Product and Marketing.