Logimatic adds Shipdex standard to SERTICA

Maritime software company Logimatic reports that it has added Shipdex functionality to its SERTICA package, to facilitate the import and mapping of files using the Shipdex standard format into the maintenance system.

The new addition to the software will allow data supplied in the correct format to be directly imported, for a single vessel or as master data to be shared to multiple vessels, including equipment details, maintenance schedules, spare part information and documentation.

The Shipdex protocol was developed as a not-for-profit technical standard format for vessel technical documentation, and is currently administered by BIMCO.

“We have the ambition that specifications for newbuildings should include a Shipdex reference, that makes it a requirement for the yards to deliver all information and documentation electronically for the new ship using the Shipdex protocol,” said Christian Bækmark Schiolborg, BIMCO.

Logimatic will also offer a software tool for equipment suppliers to build and distribute Shipdex data in its latest version, allowing those suppliers to build their datasets in the specified format within a web interface by filling in the fields in the web form.

“Everything is ready in SERTICA to start using the Shipdex data. The suppliers and engine manufacturers have access to the online export tool and larger suppliers such as MAN and Wärtsila are developing their own export tools,” said Rasmus Hansen, Head of Projects at Logimatic.

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