Thuraya and IEC Telecom launch MarineStar

Thuraya and strategic partner IEC Telecom have announced the launch of a new satcom terminal and service for voice communications at sea, with built-in tracking and monitoring capabilities.

The Thuraya MarineStar system offers functionality for satellite calls to landlines, mobile phones and other satellite phones, and can connect to a standard analogue phone as an extension or an on-board PBX.

The terminal is being targeted as a primary communications system for small vessels, such as fisheries, and also as a standalone low cost crew calling unit on larger commercial ships. 

“Thuraya MarineStar delivers the reassurance of constant connectivity and communications and can cater to the operational requirements of a wide variety of small and specialised vessels, such as workboats and fishing boats,” said Nabil Ben Soussia, IEC Telecom Vice President – Maritime.

 “Thuraya MarineStar is so flexible and cost-effective that it makes vital onboard communication available to all vessel operators, which should put an end to the risks of ships being out of touch at sea.”

“Thuraya MarineStar is robust and unaffected by extreme environments, and it supports crucial applications such as condition-based navigation, SOS and other emergency alerts through push notifications. This makes it ideal for vessels which need a backup alternative to radio communications.”

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