Kinnetik makes e-procurement system available to suppliers for free

Norway-based e-procurement company Kinnetik Solutions has expanded free access to its purchasing platform to now allow marine suppliers to access the system without charge.

The announcement comes a month after the company said that it would make its Cloud-based KinnetikBuyer application available free to shipping companies of any fleet size. Starting January 2020, marine suppliers will now also be given free access to the KinnetikSupplier service, allowing them to connect to those shipping companies to provide their products and services.

While access to the Cloud service itself is provided without cost, Kinnetik charges for support agreements at various different levels to offer back-up to companies that see e-commerce as a business critical process.

“With the 100% free distribution of our Cloud software for marine suppliers we aim to lift totally all charges from the supply-chain in the maritime industry,” said Ché Geldard, founder and CEO of Kinnetik Solutions.

“In this way we [reduce] the cost per each transaction, which means unprecedented savings for the shipping companies around the world. There has never been a better time for marine e-commerce and we have carefully navigated Kinnetik Solutions in preparation of this unique zero-cost offering.”

The integrated KinnetikBuyer and KinnetikSupplier systems that are provided for free are also supplemented by a Web Supplier service in the company’s portfolio, which is charged on a monthly subscription and is aimed at smaller companies that are not looking to integrate e-commerce with their own ERP system.

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