North P&I Club offers cyber support for members ahead of 2021

North P&I Club has partnered with HudsonCyber on a new service for its members to assist in assessing vulnerabilities to cyber risk, to help them update their cyber security processes and systems ahead of the IMO deadline for Safety Management System compliance in January 2021.

The new programme will see Club Members offered access to the HACyberLogix Cloud-based platform for the maritime sector for a trial period, allowing them to use Level 1 of the service to conduct confidential assessment and reporting.

The platform integrates cyber security standards, frameworks and standardised practices, including the IMO’s International Ship and Port Security Code and the International Safety Management Code, to assist users in implementing and sustaining an appropriate cyber risk management framework compliant with the IMO guidelines. 

“North P&I Club is committed to assisting Members prepare for the ever-changing regulatory environment and this partnership with HudsonCyber will help our Members meet the challenges presented by the upcoming requirement for cyber risks management to be included in Safety Management Systems from January 2021,” said Colin Gillespie, Director (Loss Prevention) at North. 

“Changes to operations may be time consuming and complex. We believe that the insights derived from Cyberlogix will inform decision making and allow efficient allocation of resources to support cyber security efforts in shipping companies.”

In related news, North P&I has also announced a similar tie-up with SureNav, to provide Members with a 45% discount on remote navigation audit packages from the UK-based company. 

Members will be able to use their voyage data recorder (VDR) alongside supporting evidence such as copies of charts used, checklists, log entries and voyage plans to have vessels’ navigation procedures checked against independent standards.

Compliance with procedures in the vessel’s safety management system will also be checked as part of the process, with a full report, complete with supporting video evidence where required, made available after each audit.

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