Port of Ashdod to introduce cyber protection system

The Port of Ashdod container terminal in Israel will become the first facility to implement the Port-Dome cyber protection system from Naval Dome to protect its operational technology infrastructure, following the signing of a new agreement between the companies.

Port of Ashdod will conduct pilot trials of the technology on a range of systems in 2020, after which the technology will be installed across the port’s entire network. This will include traffic control systems (VTMS/VTS), berths, bridges, locks and gates, terminal cranes and storage facilities, and all access points and gateways.

“With the security of the world’s ports and terminals vital to ensuring the supply of energy, commodities and consumer goods to market, we have partnered with Naval Dome to ensure that should a cyber event take place it does not affect the port’s, or our customers’, operations,” said Orna Hozman Bechor, Chairwoman of Ashdod Port.

“Port Dome is technological must-have for any automated port with network-based OT systems. Ashdod Port overcame the red tape many governmental companies deal with and is now connected to the worlds of innovation and technology. I am proud to lead the first port in Israel to have stepped up to the challenge bringing Ashdod Port to an advanced global standard.”

Naval Dome will begin the retrofit security installation in the first quarter of this year, and will continue integrating Port-Dome into new systems and equipment on an ongoing basis as they are installed at the port.

“Port-Dome is uniquely designed for port OT systems which, as we have seen from past experience, are susceptible to cyber-attack if not protected,” said Itai Sela, CEO, Naval Dome.

“Port-Dome is the leading solution for port and terminal operators as it provides the highest level of cyber defence without having to upgrade systems or change existing infrastructures. No training is required, and the Port of Ashdod’s OT systems will continue to operate the same as they did prior to the installation. The only difference being hackers will be unable to gain access.”

“Once Port-Dome has been installed, the Port of Ashdod will be one of the most secure container terminals in operation.”

Ashdod Port, about 40km from Tel Aviv, has an annual container throughput of more than 1.5 million TEU, the largest volume of containers of all Israeli ports.

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