Hyundai smart ship system verified by ABS

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Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) has completed a joint development project (JDP) with class society ABS, verifying the functionality of the HHI Integrated Smart-ship Solution and issuing a first Product Design Assessment (PDA) for its data infrastructure.

“It is another time of paradigm shift. The smart-ship concept, which makes full use of available data, is rapidly changing the transportation market,” said Jae-Eul Kim, HHI Executive Vice President and CTO.

“To address the need, HHI has developed the ISS (Integrated Smart-ship Solution) system, a powerful data analysis platform based on the best shipbuilding and smart technology, and is incorporating it into an increasing number of vessels.”

“The ABS approval of the system offers an opportunity to provide ship owners with the Smart notation. As the technology continues to develop, HHI will lead the smart-ship market not only by good shipbuilding but also by remaining connected with ship owners, providing innovative economic value to ship operations.”

The project also saw ABS issue its first ever New Technologies Qualification for the Operational Performance Management (OPM) functions of the system, which addresses the route optimisation, performance monitoring and reporting capabilities of the ISS. This will enable vessels using HHI’s system to be provided with the SMART (INF) notation and SMART (OPM) record comment.

Seven ABS-classed vessels – one FSRU, three VLECs and three tankers – are currently being readied to receive ABS smart notations and descriptions, subject to final surveys.

“Smart technology has significant potential to drive asset performance. ABS is proud to work with HHI on practical applications of this technology, which is a key step on the road to Condition Based Class,” said Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President, Global Engineering and Technology.

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