SEDNA and SHIPNEXT integrate software systems

The SHIPNEXT system, shown here, will now be integrated with SEDNA

Cloud-based transaction management software company SEDNA has announced a partnership with SHIPNEXT, which will see the two companies’ systems integrated to create new options for the handling of shipping, transportation and freight negotiations.

Following the integration, SEDNA users dealing with dry-bulk, wet-bulk, and heavy or oversized cargo will be able to be matched with shipping options within their e-mail flow, or directly from the SHIPNEXT marketplace and cargo booking platform.

The SHIPNEXT system offers a reverse trading platform and uses natural language processing, machine learning, AI and Big Data analysis to generate the best available options for users.

“We view SEDNA as the most user-friendly solution that, when combined with our technology, we are creating a mobile workstation that is second to none,” said Alexander Varvarenko, CEO of SHIPNEXT.

“Together, we are providing a solution that will save valuable time and reduce manual errors when initiating Cargo-to-Ship and Ship-to-Cargo matching.”

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