MAN launches non-profit platform for OEM data exchange

MAN Energy Solutions has launched a new digital platform to support data exchange among equipment suppliers, operators and asset owners, to be managed by a separate independent, non-profit organisation.

The new ‘mýa’ platform will allow participating Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) to share and integrate their data sets across the marine, power and energy industries, with the goal of promoting better industry collaboration, MAN says.

“Given the unique transformational challenges most industries are facing today, the need for data integration between OEMs, operators and asset owners is rising,” said Per Hansson, Head of Digital and Strategy at MAN Energy Solutions.

“Solution providers, such as MAN and many others, offer digital technologies and services which allow the optimisation of the performance of their systems using real time data and analytics. But vessel or plant operators work with many OEMs and their respective platforms and are therefore often faced with a complicated and uncoordinated view of the various equipment that they operate and maintain.”

“With the launch of mýa, we want to reduce complexity for our customers and for other OEMs alike and to lower the hurdles for getting payback from data.”

Organisations that sign up to mýa will be able to use the platform to access their digital assets via a single interface that integrates their OEM data streams. That data can then be made available for exchange with other selected member parties using a permission-based system.

The mýa platform will be run as an independent organisation separate from MAN, headquartered in Switzerland, and will be open to equipment providers, operators and asset owners from the shipping, power, energy and other industries.

“MAN recognised the unique opportunity that mýa offers and therefore invested to kick start the initiative. Our goal is to develop mýa into an independent non-profit organisation,” said Dr Alan Atkins, Chief Executive Officer of mýa Connection GmbH.

“Once more companies get engaged, the organisation will eventually take direction from its members, OEMs and equipment users alike. The intent of mýa is to remove friction points and help the industry to operate more efficiently, ultimately saving resources and moving faster towards realising the full potential of digital technologies.”

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