Dataloy integrates with BunkerPlanner

Bunker procurement optimisation software BunkerPlanner has added a new integration with the Dataloy voyage management system, allowing data to be exchanged by the two applications with the aim of improving fuel management.

“Integrating BunkerPlanner with the Dataloy API was very straightforward. After going through a few examples with the Dataloy team, we were able to begin extracting voyage and vessel properties from Dataloy into our own application back-end,” explained Fernando Alvarez, co-founder and CTO of BunkerMetric, the creator of BunkerPlanner.

“The Dataloy API opens up a plethora of opportunities for third-party applications to leverage the VMS and create additional value to vessel operators.”

BunkerPlanner’s algorithms collect data and crunch through potential procurement plans to present the top alternatives to planners, who can then refine their plans further using a web-based user interface. ​Integrating that system with Dataloy will further facilitate the process by allowing the latest vessel and voyage information stored in the client’s VMS to be used in the calculations.

BunkerPlanner can then also automatically export the chosen bunkering plans back to the Dataloy system for further processing, to optimise procurement processes through strategic sourcing and cost optimisation.

“The fragmented nature of today’s shipping industry creates a complex landscape and presents unique challenges that the industry must overcome to maximise revenue,” said Hege Jacobsen, CEO of Dataloy Systems.

“Bunker procurement is an area of huge cost for a shipping company with decisions based on heuristics. Bunker Planner is a great addition to our list of integrations of bunker procurement and other applications.”

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