DCSA releases container Track & Trace API definitions

The Digital Container Shipping Association (DCSA) has announced the release of new definitions for container Track & Trace APIs, in support of the organisation’s Track & Trace data and interface standards published at the end of January 2020.

With the release of these definitions, carriers will be able to implement standard-compliant APIs for customer-facing track and trace (T&T) events, the Association explains.

“These definitions are the result of careful design considerations and best practices from multiple carriers to ensure that the output of the API aligns with the logical flow of shipment events,” DCSA said.

“Using these APIs, shippers will be able to query carrier systems from any existing technology platform and receive T&T information in a common and easily consumable format.”

The Track & Trace data and interface standards can be freely downloaded by any interested parties from the DCSA website, while the T&T API definitions can be accessed on SwaggerHub. Documentation with versioning guidance can be found on GitHub.

After the release of this initial version, the scope of the API is expected to be extended over time to include new capabilities such as error-handling and subscription to automatic updates, the Association adds.

The DCSA is a non-profit organisation created to support the development of standards for the container shipping industry, with its membership responsible for some 70% of global container trade. 

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