Nautilus and Danelec partner on vessel data analysis

Nautilus Labs and Danelec Marine have announced a new partnership on data and IoT integration for predictive analytics and decision support, aligning Danelec’s capabilities in shipboard data collection with Nautilus Labs’ voyage analysis software.

“The underlying raw material of every decision made at sea is data. But that data is only valuable when it’s freed from system silos, reliably delivered back to shore, and transformed into actionable information for teams,” said Leigh Jaffe, Partnerships Lead at Nautilus.

“We believe ‘interoperability’ will be the defining term of this decade—and that applies to organisations, as much as it does technology. And in this era of open ecosystems, we’re extremely excited to join forces with forward thinking, service-oriented OEMs like Danelec—for the benefit of their clients and ours.”

Danelec Marine collects shipboard data using its Cloud-based DanelecConnect system, alongside an electronic remote server (VRS) that connects with the ship’s Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) and a range of analogue, digital or serial sensors throughout the vessel.

With this new partnership, customers will be able to access the Nautilus Platform user interface to see this data presented with historical, real-time, and predictive vessel data and analytics.

“With our simple and reliable ship data collection and processing, along with the cost reduction of ship-to-shore communications, many more ships can—and will—be IoT-enabled within the next few years,” said Casper Jensen, Danelec’s Chief Operating Officer.

“Fleet optimisation is no longer just an option in today’s very competitive shipping industry; it’s the only way for ship operators to manage their vessels and succeed. We’re delighted to work with Nautilus Labs in transforming the maritime industry, together.”

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