Finnish AI firms introduce machine learning tools for port efficiency

Finland-based artificial intelligence firms Awake.AI and Silo.AI have announced the results of a 12-month collaboration project to apply machine learning technologies to improving situational awareness at ports through analysis of freight and logistics chain data.

One of the new technologies developed by the partners is a machine learning based cargo ship arrival prediction system, which can be used to provide forecasts of estimated times of arrival and departure for vessel port calls.

The second product of the collaboration project is a computer vision based system that analyses and monitors cargo and vehicles in a port in real time, providing data that can be used to improve the efficiency of cargo logistics planning while also improving the detection of anomalous situations as they happen.

“The development in ports requires cooperation with various stakeholders such as shipping companies, cargo owners, terminal operators and logistics companies,” said Karno Tenovuo, CEO of Awake.AI.

“Everything is based on trust and we want to be the most trusted platform and ecosystem orchestrator globally. With Silo.AI’s top-notch expertise in AI, we have been able to scale and develop our multiple products for ports and shipping.”

Following on from these two initially announced artificial intelligence systems, the two companies say that they intend to continue to work together to develop further tools for predictive analytics and maintenance, as well as other machine learning applications for ‘smart ports’ and logistics chains.

“We are delighted to work with Awake’s team that has such a strong background in the maritime field. In addition to their platform, their expertise as a pioneer in the development of autonomous vessels and the maritime ecosystem offers various opportunities to create value through machine learning and other artificial intelligence technologies,” said Peter Sarlin, CEO of Silo.AI.

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