Callao get new VTS

The port of Callao in Peru, the country’s main harbour, is to implement a new Wärtsilä Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) system to increase safety levels and facilitate streamlined arrival, docking and departures for visiting ships.

The spectrum of technologies being deployed includes solid-state IALA Advanced radar, long-range thermal imaging, ultra-precise global positioning for pilotage operations, HF and VHF communication, data analysis, recording and dispatching.

In addition to the VTS, an oil spill detection system is also included in the overall scope of the project. Delivery is planned for January 2021.

“Fog and maritime awareness are something we have to deal with a lot and safety is a constant concern, which is why we turned to Wärtsilä,” said Calm. José Antonio San Martín, Dirección de Contrataciones del Material (DIRCOMAT).

“We have worked with them often in the past and their experience in traffic management systems is second-to-none. The Wärtsilä VTS will greatly improve operations in the port of Callao.”

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