Marlink adds standalone remote network management service

Marlink has released a standalone entry-level version for its existing ITLINK software package, to be used for remote monitoring of the status of IT networks onboard ships by shoreside teams or administrators.

The full ITLINK service, launched by Marlink last year, incorporates a range of added value services in areas like network and communications management, cyber security, and Cloud storage. The new standalone service is an operational platform focused on helping shipping companies to automate their vessel IT environment and conduct remote fleet-wide monitoring of shipboard servers, computers, operating systems and applications.

Monitoring data can be displayed relative to defined KPIs within an onshore dashboard, the company says, removing the requirement for the crew to record and report the information.

“The leading edge of vessel operators have already adopted the mindset and the tools that reflect the new reality of IT network transparency and compliance which is increasingly seen as a licence to operate,” said Marlink President, Maritime, Tore Morten Olsen.

“Our ITLINK portfolio and especially this new network monitoring functionality provides an important tool not just for enabling compliance with cyber security requirements but also removing the burden of proof from the crew while improving transparency for shoreside teams.”

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