Vessel IoT package announced by KNL and FLICQ

IoT communications provider KNL Networks has announced a partnership with FLICQ, a company providing remote asset monitoring systems, to offer a new package combining their respective technologies for the collection and transmission of shipboard sensor data.

The collaboration aims to offer a real-time condition monitoring and predictive analytics system for vessel machinery.

Installation involves the crew magnetically attaching a FLICQ SmartEdge sensor to the asset to record data and process it using AI algorithms. The sensors then send the results to a KNL COLLECT device, for transmission to the crew onboard and to the fleet owners on shore via KNL’s network.

“Our collaboration with FLICQ brings to the market a turn-key solution that can transform fleet operations,” said Toni Lindén, CEO of KNL Networks.

“By combining our solutions, we are able to provide real-time visibility into the health of our customers’ assets and, ultimately, of their operations. By alerting them early of any developing problems we can ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness to save them time and money.”

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