Adonis adds health screening to crew management software

Crew management software company Adonis has updated its application package to include infrared facial scanning and pre-boarding checklists as additional health and safety measures for vessel operators.

The changes aim to allow organisations to monitor the temperature of crew during security check-in/check-out and during onboard activities, as well as providing a process for checking potential exposure to COVID-19 during pre-boarding.

Infrared (IR) facial temperature scanning has been integrated into the Adonis Clock Module, sending an alert when a person’s body temperature exceeds pre-set levels. The pre-boarding check lists, which will be part of the Adonis Employee Portal, includes key questions used to determine potential exposure to the virus prior to reporting for work. Based on the answers given, notifications and warnings are generated and sent to crew planners, shipboard managers and anyone else in the decision chain.

The new functionality can be added to customisable workflows, to allow each company to tailor the re-boarding processes and check lists in line with their own policies and procedures.

“The pandemic has put severe pressure on the maritime sector to introduce new policies and procedures to restore the confidence of both crew and passengers, which is why helping our customers mitigate the impact COVID-19 has been our top priority,” said Erick Meijer, Adonis Product Director.

“Over the past several weeks we’ve worked in close collaboration with several maritime organisations to develop these safeguards so they can prepare their crews and passengers for safe voyages.”

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