ChartWorld launches web-based voyage check tool

ChartWorld has launched MyFleet, a Cloud-based tool for the performance of due diligence on voyage planning, with the basic version being offered free of charge to the industry.

MyFleet is a web-based tool designed to support onshore teams in checking and assessing risk in a ship’s voyage plan. The basic version provides free of charge weather data, ChartWorld ENC data, the ship’s position, the created voyage plan for each vessel in the owner’s fleet, and the route in use on the ECDIS.

Optionally, official ENCs or C-MAP charts, as well as ChartWorld T&P updates and its environmental areas service (CIO+), can be activated in paid versions as required.

“A ship being ‘at sea’ is no longer a viable or legal defence for lack of shore-based oversight. Improvements in communications, tech, and intelligent routing software means the wider world now expects vessels to have shore-based navigational oversight,” said Oliver Schwarz, ChartWorld’s Business Development Director.

“Current fleet operations centres are dominated by banks of big-screen monitors – they look impressive, and they are helping to win vessels off visiting ship owners. With MyFleet, their capabilities can be expanded as a risk management tool for navigational data and voyage plans.”

MyFleet can be used for all SOLAS vessels, regardless of any other service providers being used for navigation data products, the company says.

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