V.Group launches newly developed risk management platform

Ship manager V.Group has launched a new risk-based SIRE Performance Analysis Platform, developed following an external review of its vetting processes that began in March 2019 and examined its procedures and digital platforms.

The review, conducted by Barber Maritime Ltd, concluded that while V.Group was already using strong software tools to record events and provide management information, such as its own ShipSure application, improvements could be made in certain areas.

One suggestion was to move the assessment of ship inspection observations onto a risk-based platform, which could be used to define high-risk observations and to provide procedures with levels of responses based on risks, helping the company to better understand those risks and ensure mitigation.

Following months of development, V.Group went live with a new risk platform based around these parameters on June 2nd, with the new system already being applied by the company’s fleet cells to support improved decision making, increase efficiency, track performance, and share best practices.

Ultimately, it is expected that these new capabilities will improve the vetting process, and tanker fleet performance overall, by prioritising risk-based decision making and eliminating high and medium risk findings.

“Our reporting capabilities and our capacity to provide actionable insights will be redefined by our new Vetting Analysis platform,” said Mike Bradshaw, Global Head of HSEQ at V.Group.

“We will not only be able to risk assess findings and inspections, but also monitor performance on key process safety indicators with the new system. We can drill into SIRE Vetting Performance much better than before, and I look forward to putting our new insights to good use to continue to provide flawless service delivery to our customers.”

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