V.Group agrees e-learning deal with Ocean Technologies Group

Ship management company V.Group has signed a partnership agreement with Ocean Technologies Group (OTG) for the provision of e-learning services to V.Group personnel and customers, with OTG to take over V.Group’s Marlins training business as part of the deal.

Starting later this year, V.Group will leverage OTG’s digital platforms to deliver bespoke V.Group content to its crews and customers, using technologies for micro-learning, adaptive and gamified learning and virtual reality training developed by its new partner.

The Marlins Maritime English assessment product and Marlins global ‘Approved Test Centre’ scheme will be transferred to Ocean Technologies Group and become part of its list of offerings under the terms of the agreement.

“This is a symbiotic partnership. Ocean Technologies Group has brands that are recognised the world over as the best-in-class for maritime e-learning, while Marlins has an equally impressive reputation for English language testing,” said V.Group CEO, Graham Westgarth.

“This deal highlights the importance of strategic partnerships. Our customers will benefit from the many and varied specialist product lines and services that Ocean Technologies Group companies provide whilst retaining the personalised approach that our customers expect from V.Group.”

“The COVID-19 crisis serves to highlight the maritime industry’s increasing reliance on digital platforms. It’s clear that distance learning will become increasingly important to companies and individuals who need to meet legislative and industry requirements. E-learning is reliable and provides continuity because it is protected from the negative impact of global events.”

OTG currently serves more than one million seafarers via its Seagull, Videotel, MTS, COEX and Tero Marine brands, and is investing up to $30 million in developing its next generation of applications for a market it expects to expand significantly following these pandemic experiences. 

“Blue-chip ship owners, operators and managers recognise that the fast-changing operating environment requires each stakeholder to focus on their core competencies. Our customers realise that strategic partnerships with Ocean Technologies Group based on core strengths and expertise deliver economies of scale and offer best solutions to their crew and customers,” said Manish Singh, CEO of OTG.

“This partnership enables V.Group to deliver the most effective ‘through-career learning support’ for their personnel and provide a greater customer service globally. Their customers will enjoy a seamless transition to a more comprehensive offering.” 

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