Equipment health monitoring added to Kongsberg’s Vessel insight

Onboard equipment monitoring has been added to Kongsberg Maritime’s Vessel Insight range of operations management software applications, to assist in advance prediction of failures through early detection of abnormal behaviour.

Due for launch in August, the new Health Management application will initially support monitoring of Bergen engines, Kongsberg Maritime’s low-pressure hydraulic winches, and rotating machinery such as Kongsberg and third-party thrusters, pods, shaftline and auxiliaries.

Additional equipment will be added to the system in a planned roll-out over the following months, the company says.

When in use, the software continuously reports on the condition of the equipment being monitored, to support intelligent maintenance planning and limit vessel and equipment downtime.

“By continually appraising machinery condition, Health Management allows customers to spot the early onset of a failure and continue operation with the affected equipment under observation,” said Jan Chirkowski, VP Analytics & Fleet Operations at Kongsberg Maritime.

“Maintenance needs can be planned in advance when most convenient for the customer, spare parts ordered, and vessel downtime scheduled as necessary. Any downtime is minimised, and the vessel is returned to operation as swiftly as possible. The net result is to maximise profitability.”

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