NAVTOR integrates Weathernews system into latest NavStation launch

NAVTOR has launched NavStation 5.3, the latest incarnation of its vessel navigation digital table, integrating Optimum Ship Routing (OSR) and advanced weather services from Weathernews (WNI).

First launched in 2014, NavStation collects a range of navigational information for decision making and passage planning in one place, incorporating ENCs with additional digital data ‘layered’ on top for improved operational awareness. The WNI input, essentially a digital version of the Japanese company’s Captain Dosca (DOSCA DX), is a new layer for the system.

“We’ve been working with WNI since 2017,” said Tor Svanes, NAVTOR CEO.

“They are a true industry powerhouse, providing weather data and route optimisation solutions to around 10,000 vessels globally, and we saw an opportunity to deliver compelling user benefits by integrating Captain Dosca’s functionality within NavStation.”

“By doing so we create a single platform – one comprehensive vessel planning station – for optimal safety, efficiency, compliance and environmental performance, cutting fuel consumption while saving shipowner OpEx. The result is a strong competitive advantage for our customers. We believe this collaboration is a win-win for everyone and look forward to building our relationship and enabling smarter, more cost effective and sustainable shipping far into the future.”

NavStation 5.3 also includes automated processes for passage planning, and supports greater data sharing between vessels, fleets and onshore management teams by having the OSR service integrated within the NAVTOR ecosystem.

All data required for use is shared between vessels and land via the NAVTOR NavBox, a unit with no screen, keyboard or mouse that automates the encrypted distribution and update of digital charts, publications and other navigational data.

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