Danelec completes StratumFive Podium integration

The DanelecConnect data collection and sharing system from Danish VDR manufacturer Danelec Marine has been integrated into the StratumFive Podium collaborative workspace as an approved third-party data source, the companies have announced.

DanelecConnect collects a range of operational and technical data from the IoT infrastructure on board a vessel, which Podium will now be able to correlate alongside the other data values it processes to provide users with an overview of their operations within its timeline architecture. 

Users will be able to integrate DanelecConnect data from their vessels across personalised dashboards, alerts, visualisations and KPIs to access wide-ranging detail of performance across their operations, StartumFive says.

“The addition of Danelec Marine to the growing list of Podium integration partners provides our clients a complete end-to-end integrated IoT experience, without the prohibitive costs of alternative solutions,” said Ross Martin, COO, StratumFive.

“Accessing timely sensor data ashore has been historically challenging and expensive for many ship owners and operators, typically requiring bespoke onboard data networks with connections to hundreds of individual data points. Often this has involved custom interfaces to legacy equipment or delayed and unreliable manual inputs.”

“When combined with Podium, the DanelecConnect solution addresses these problems, enabling all clients to quickly visualise correlated data streams, fleet-wide, in an agile shoreside dashboard environment. This is the solution that our industry needs in order to reap the promised cost savings and other operational efficiencies of digitalisation.”

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