Vestdavit adds augmented reality remote support capabilities for davit maintenance

Vestdavit reports that it has added augmented reality (AR) capabilities to its remote support offering, leveraging wearable technologies and software from UBIMAX to create the new system.

The AR platform, named ‘xAssist’, will be used in conjunction with head-mounted hardware to provide support services when Vestdavit engineers are unable to work on site.

Equipped with the headgear, a customer’s in-house engineer can perform maintenance tasks with visual and audio instruction from a Vestdavit expert, who can see what the on-site technician is doing through xAssist.

“Our engineers are highly skilled professionals with many years of experience servicing marine davits, and there is no replacement for that. However, they cannot be everywhere at once, and it is often far more practical to provide remote support,” said Vestdavit Sales Director, Henric Collvin

“We can provide remote support even if all of our specialist technicians are occupied. For instance, an engineer from our hydraulics or mechanical team will be able to guide the customer through any simpler tasks.”

“Many companies are responding to the pandemic by investing in new technology, but remote maintenance had been gaining traction for some time. Customers are always looking for more efficient, cost-effective ways to operate. With xAssist, we maintain our usual service levels without having to send technicians to our client’s location. This reduces cost and saves time for both parties.”

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