Portbase brings TradeLens blockchain to Dutch ports

Portbase, a subsidiary of the ports of Amsterdam (25%) and Rotterdam (75%) in charge of managing the digital infrastructure at the ports, has announced that it has completed the first phase of integration with the TradeLens blockchain platform for supply chain data exchange.

The move will see the Portbase Port Community System provide connected parties with a single point of contact into the Dutch ports, increasing transparency and data access within end-to-end supply chains.

In this first phase, Portbase will send customs clearance (hold and release) messages for all Maersk containers to TradeLens. In return, Portbase will receive relevant data back from the TradeLens platform, such as information about transport and customs milestones for shipments that are imported, exported or transshipped via the ports.

Data will be available in the Port Community System for community members who have legitimate permissioned access to the platform, allowing them to access data about each container to improve their own operations.

“By connecting with the TradeLens platform, Portbase creates a connection between our community and the global ecosystem,” said Portbase Managing Director Iwan van der Wolf.

“It allows all players in the logistical chain to easily, quickly and securely share data with each other, irrespective of their mutual relationship, enhancing trade for everyone involved. Thereby Portbase acts as data hub for global trade via the Dutch ports and facilitates the connection to regional networks in Northwest Europe.”

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