Klaveness Ship Management rolls-out data sharing and replication system

Klaveness Ship Management has rolled out a new data transfer system to improve information sharing amongst its vessels and offices, with the ship operator completing the implementation of the Dualog Drive software in just 24 hours.

The new system will be used to replace a range of manual and e-mail-based processes with an integrated digital system supporting greater collaboration between ship and shore-side personnel.

Dualog Drive is designed to adapt to the varying levels of bandwidth quality that can be experienced at sea, to allow the system to manage data sharing and replication over satellite.

“Operational pains and business pains need to be addressed, including departmental siloes and complex software and hardware setups. Also, security is a key concern,” said Jan Erik Rogde, VP, Head of Fleet Management, Klaveness.

“We can now spend less time worrying about cybersecurity, data management and bandwidth bottlenecks while spending more time on additional business improvements.”

Dualog personnel worked with the Klaveness IT team to prepare a plan and conduct preliminary testing of the application on ship and shore in advance of the roll-out, allowing the full implementation to be completed in less than 24 hours once the process got underway.

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