ShipNet introduces web-based Dry-Docking application

Maritime software company ShipNet has launched its new Dry-Docking software, a web-based application requiring no upfront installation that can be connected to other modules in its fleet management package as part of the ShipNetONE Platform.

The system is used to capture all of the necessary information for related activities in one place, which can be applied to the process of planning for and executing projects such as dry-docking and repairs.

The application is accessible in any browser and has been designed to integrate with ShipNet’s Technical and Procurement XE software to remove the need for additional interfaces or planned maintenance and procurement data transfer for existing ShipNet users.

Customers who are not already using ShipNet can interface with third-party planned maintenance or procurement applications using back-end APIs, the company says, so existing external system data can still be integrated into new projects.

“Before joining ShipNet to help evolve our product and service offerings to shipping companies, I was a seafarer sailing as a dual officer onboard ships where I had been involved in multiple dry-docking projects throughout my sailing career,” said ShipNet Product Director Basujit Chakravarty, who oversaw the project.

“Additionally, I had also been involved in multiple dry-docks as a vessel owner. I am excited to be a part of this product launch, where the team has performed a tremendous task in such a short timeframe, in creating our first Dry-Docking solution that aims to address the most common challenges faced in the industry today.”

“I wish I had such a solution when I was sailing as it would have saved me exponential amounts of time, especially in providing or consolidating updates, creating shareable reports among managers and owners, or just keeping track of what is happening day-to-day at the yard.”

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