GESCO to roll out engine monitoring and analytics to entire fleet

The Great Eastern Shipping Company (GESCO) is to install an engine performance monitoring and diagnostic software system from ABB across its fleet of 46 tankers and bulk carriers, following a successful trial on two initial vessels.

ABB Turbocharging’s Tekomar XPERT system will be used to carry out onboard analysis of engine performance across GESCO’s fleet, providing a new range of diagnostics and optimisation recommendations not available from the company’s previous process of manual measurements and monthly data analysis.

The new tool will also allow GESCO’s performance management department to more easily analyse engine data from all of the company’s vessels to compile submissions for the EU’s Monitoring, Reporting and Verification (MRV) regulation and IMO’s Data Collection System (DCS) for carbon emissions.

“Our fleet has been growing and we wanted monitoring software that could help to analyse engine performance and guide us to better-running engines. After several meetings with ABB we installed Tekomar XPERT on two vessels,” said Anjan Kumar Sahu, Head of Technical, GESCO.

“The feedback from our superintendents was that the software identified engine issues and potential future issues.”

One of the main benefits GESCO has observed from using the analytics system is a reduction in the time needed to identify the cause of engine problems, with the greater availability of data allowing root causes of engine performance deviations to be identified automatically during normal operation, facilitating rapid corrective action.

“Tekomar XPERT will enable GESCO to instantly analyse and drill down into the engine data it is recording to improve troubleshooting and optimise engine performance. We are delighted to be working in collaboration with GESCO and are honoured by this sign of confidence from one of the biggest names in Indian shipping,” said Rajendra Gaikwad, Head of Service Business, ABB Turbocharging India. 

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