Metrostar adds new cyber defences with CyberOwl deal

Metrostar Management Corporation has agreed a new deal with cybersecurity firm CyberOwl to strengthen its digital defences against cyber risk across its fleet.

The contract for CyberOwl’s Medulla system has been agreed in the lead up to the upcoming IMO safety management system cyber risk requirements that take effect from 1 January 2021, with the aim of assisting the vessel operator in ensuring compliance while also adding increased resilience across its IT networks.

“CyberOwl’s Medulla has been able to provide us visibility of cyber risks in a way that we previously struggled with,” said Matthew Maheras, IT Manager at Metrostar Management Corporation.

“Within days of installation, their systems detected risks to our onboard systems which we were able to deal with immediately to avoid any disruptions and losses. Medulla also produces practical incident documentation and meaningful reports that really facilitate communication of cyber risks with senior management and provide me compliance assurance during inspection processes.”

Having launched its first product in 2019, CyberOwl says it has seen increasing demand from shipping fleets across Europe and APAC to help them gain visibility of their onboard systems and ensure regulatory compliance, despite the disruptions of Covid-19.

“Metrostar joins the growing number of maritime companies that place trust in CyberOwl to help them actively manage the cyber risks to their vessel systems. Working with Metrostar, it is clear that they are on a mission to be at the cutting edge of cybersecure digitalisation, becoming the leading light for the rest of the shipping sector,” said Daniel Ng, CEO of CyberOwl.

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