MLS and SMT to collaborate on new maritime training offering

Marine Learning Systems (MLS) and Stream Marine Training (SMT) have combined their respective expertise to create a new maritime education joint venture, which aims to develop a series of blended digital and physical training options for the sector.

MLS is a provider of training software and services for maritime operators, while SMT offers mandatory safety critical courses, technical training programmes and cadetships to the marine and oil & gas sectors.

The collaboration will combine the attributes of both organisations, with MLS using its software design expertise to provide a platform for training management built around content provided by SMT, supported by ‘blended learning’ physical courses run by SMT trainers.

The partners’ new programme will begin by identifying any knowledge or skill gaps within the client organisation so targeted training can be implemented.

The non-practical elements of the prescribed course can be completed online. For the practical elements, trainee knowledge is assessed prior to arriving at SMT’s facility so appropriate training can be arranged in advance.

Training requirements will be constantly being monitored to keep the programme up to date, and operators will have access to a reporting dashboard where individual, vessel or fleet performance can be monitored. 

“(Operators will be able to) enjoy cost savings as classroom-based training will be reduced by up to 50%, meaning significant travel and accommodation savings,” said Murray Goldberg, CEO of MLS.

“Equally, seafarers will benefit from the flexibility offered by the blended learning approach, being able to participate in the online sections whatever their location. This is backed-up by SMT’s newly re-opened facilities which has stringent new coronavirus policies in place that comply with the HSE, MCA and UK government guidelines to keep delegates and staff safe.”

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